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Bio – Maureen Amirault is a nationally certified ACE Personal Trainer with a degree in Exercise Science /Athletic Training.  She has over 15 years of experience designing individual programs for women’s health, injury rehab and weight loss!  She is certified as a Group Exercise and Personal Trainer course instructor, and also holds certifications as a “Brains and Balance” specialist and TRX Group instructor.

Her specialty is her ability to design programs for any level- from elite athletes to 80 year old women, and she requires commitment and drive from every client.
She is known as a “Trainer’s Trainer” because of her ability to see and correct even the smallest of compensations, and as a result, her clients achieve results from correct, targeted training.

Maureen is an  accomplished “Figure” competitor in the NPC.  She competed for 3 years, and never finished below 3rd place!  She is a national level competitor, and as a result of winning her first show, has a lifetime invitation to compete in the National Level “Team Universe” show in NYC. The greatest lesson that she learned while competing is a thorough understanding of dieting AND balance.  She has modified this approach to build a lifetime of healthy nutrition!

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Coach Kelly

Kelly is a nationally certified NESTA Personal Trainer, with a degree in Biomechanics. She has over 10 years experience creating life changing programs to include weight lose, strength training, muscle massage, and general health and fitness.
After recovering from a serious injury herself, Kelly believes in the importance of creating a strong foundation to build a strong body.

As a certified E-RYT yoga Instructor, Kelly’s philosophy is going back to the basics. She starts with correcting imbalances, improving flexibility and rehabilitates injuries to build a strong and lean body!

Kelly will map out a personalized program combining corrective exercise, core strengthening, flexibility, injury prevention techniques and proper nutrition.

Make your health a priority not an option. Contact Kelly today to transform and heal your body to be its best!

Cynthia Carlson

Cynthia is a Level 2 certified nutrition coach from Precision Nutrition and is passionate about helping people eat better so that they feel better.  By using her client’s goals as a guide, Cynthia assists in creating lifestyle changes, not diets.  As a result, her clients see lasting change, even when faced with real life challenges.  Cynthia’s philosophy is that eating well doesn’t have to be complicated—it’s simply a matter of learning skills that generate healthy habits which ultimately become a part of one’s everyday routine.

Cynthia also holds a personal trainer certificate with the American College of Sports Medicine.  She believes that combining exercise with a solid foundational nutrition plan is the way to pave the road to being in the best shape of your life—for the rest of your life.

weight training for dummiesPublished Author

“Check it out! ” Weight Training for Dummies” 4th Edition is in bookstores now! Maureen was pleased to be the Technical Editor for this edition! It is a very comprehensive book for beginners in the gym. It includes everything from isolated exercises to whole body routines, stretching, gym etiquette, and everything in between.

E-mail today to connect with Maureen. All new clients receive 40% off your first training session.