Want a wonderful workout for the mind, body and soul?!!!! Physically Maureen gives you a workout that is just right for your body. Not always easy, but worth every bit. However, what I love most about Maureen is she motivates me to be a healthier woman in general. I am eating better, physically working out and taking some recommended down-time for myself to keep me sane with this crazy, busy life of mine. I have hit the age of 60, but I will do everything I can to see my 90’s (or more), and be the best role model for my children and future grandchildren. Maureen, thank you from the bottom of my very healthy heart. I am in with you for the long haul:)

Cathy S Trabuco Canyon CA


Essential Fitness is a great place to get into shape no matter what level you are.  Trainer Kelly is outstanding at finding your strengths, weaknesses, and which areas of your body to focus on.  She is very attentive and focuses on good form, as well as cardiovascular, strength training, and stretching.  

I have some disabilities that Kelly works hard to find the right exercises for, as well as keeping them challenging physically and mentally.  She offers many tips on diet and lifestyle as well.  The gym is always clean with a great atmosphere for women to transform themselves!

Susan M Mission Viejo

Maureen is so great to work with! It’s the epitome of a no judgement zone. It doesn’t matter where you’re starting at, she’ll create a workout that brings you back to the fundamentals to strengthen your weaknesses and push you further with your strengths. She considers what kind of time your lifestyle allows and helps you figure out effective workouts to help you reach your goals. She will also help you figure out the right foods to be eating to get where you’d like to be. If you’re like me and have struggled to lose weight and stay fit your entire life, essential fitness can help you out!

Christina S. LA CA


I’ve been training with Maureen for five weeks and I have already lost weight, built muscle, and improved my posture. I even completed the 5K Turkey Trot.

I have severe neck problems/migraines for the past 20 years. Maureen has been careful and diligent in teaching me to use different muscles to strengthen my neck while working out and in my day to day life.

I never thought I would say this until I met Maureen, but: I Love Going to the Gym! Not only is she a great trainer but she is a great person who truly wants the best for each one of her clients!

Thank you Maureen for your support, kindness, laughter, and commitment to me and the rest of your clients!

Crystl P  Mission Viejo


If you’re wanting a personal trainer who leads by example Maureen is that person. Her passion to help others, educate and motivate women is contagious. I highly recommend taking the step to work with her and her team. As someone who has worked along side of her at one time, I can honestly say she knows her stuff. She doesn’t allow mediocracy, so you know you will be getting the highest service around. I appreciate her skills in the health and fitness field and would recommend her services to anyone I know.

Amanda Foland, Owner Fit Studio


This studio is beautiful, and Maureen is an expert. I have so much fun in her small group training. What I like most about it, is the individual attention I receive from Maureen. She helps me fix my technique to get the most out of each exercise. Chest press, bicep dips, squats (exercises I have done 100 times before) all have taken on a new and challenging twist after working with Maureen. I feel great. Thanks Maureen!

Samantha S Trabuco Canyon

If anyone is looking for a personal trainer who leads by example, is committed to your success, who makes you accountable and and drives you to be your better self, I highly recommend Maureen with Essential Fitness. Those who know me know I have never worked out or broke a sweat in my life. A year ago I joined a gym and committed to working out. I found Maureen three months ago and she has changed my life for the better. I’m more alert during the day and physically able to do more than I thought I could. Her private gym allows me to workout without interference from others. I eat better and drink more water I’m hooked! Thank you Maureen!

Wendi C Mission Viejo

Psyched that I made it past my 30 minute, my-muscles-are-completely-depleted, mark with Essential Fitness today ?

Maureen is a great friend, but as a trainer, it’s a testament to her focused attention to my health and body each week, that in only 3 wks she’s been able to learn my limits and develop custom workouts that motivate and help me push past them each week. If I can’t walk tomorrow….I take it all back ?

Laura C Ladera Ranch

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I’ve been training with Maureen at Essential Fitness for over a year, including one-on-one training and group sessions.  I was impressed with Maureen from the very beginning.

Maureen has a passion for working out and motivating women.  She doesn’t just focus on the physical, but also stresses the importance of nutrition.  She believes in an integrated approach to training for overall health.

Being extremely organized and knowledgeable, Maureen makes sure the exercises are being done correctly and safely.  She pushes beyond your comfort zone for a great workout.  New routines keep the sessions challenging, interesting and never dull!

Maria C Dove Canyon CA


“Maureen really helped to motivate me to FINALLY lose that last 10 pounds of baby weight!  After 2 kids and a bad lower back, she helped me get back to my wedding dress weight in 8 weeks!  She is extremely knowledgeable and is able to customize a plan to meet your goals.  Maureen is the only trainer I have ever had that pays attention to your form 100% of the time when you are training with her.  She is dedicated to your success and will do what it takes to help you get to the finish line!”

Shannon Fanning RSM, CA

“Maureen is one of a kind…she is truly an expert trainer!!  She has helped me primarily with my preexisting back injury. Her knowledge and use of rehabilitative exercises, targeted therapy and lifting form is what makes the difference and sets her aside from the typical gym workout.  She also teaches me ongoing therapy protocol to practice every day at home. The combination of all her techniques has made the difference in my progress. Thank you Maureen!”

Andrea E. Lake Forest, CA

“When I first met Maureen, I was not sure that I could be helped at all. She came highly recommended by my chiropractor (Dr. Sandra Hanna), but in all honesty, I didn’t believe she could do much for me.  My primary issues were severe leg cramps, poor balance (resulting in falls), and lack of range of motion, particularly in my left leg.  I was blaming it on “old age” because I am nearing the end of my 60’s.  Maureen assured me that it could be taken care of.  I was totally amazed at her physical therapy expertise!  I met with her weekly and it did not take long for me to improve greatly and practically eliminate all three issues.  My range of motion is fantastic now.  I can do things I was not able to do for years.  She is a God send!  I am thrilled that she is available to all those who, like me, need help getting their physical life back.  It is a blessing that she is in the city of Rancho Santa Margarita, where we can all get the help that we need.”

Pam C. Aliso Viejo, CA

“Incredibly professional and skilled personal trainer. Takes a very holistic approach to your wellness and fitness goals and provides “tough love” as needed but always comes for a place of genuine concern for her client and his / her success. Highly Recommend!”

by Lauren Zink, IN


“Maureen has taught me many things about the right way to exercise. I’m 45 and have exercised since I was 15. Little did I know! I have been doing things the wrong way. Body positions, breathing, even running! Having a personal trainer, one on one sessions, it is something that I definitely recommend! Maureen has opened my eyes and my mind about eating habits, about falling and get up again to continue, about a life style. Her teachings have not only impacted my life but my husband’s and kids’. I see my little ones reading labels and asking themselves, “Is this something good? Would Maureen approve of it?”

Thanks, my dear Maureen.

By Myriam Boyer

“Maureen Amirault has been my personal trainer for a year. In that year, Maureen has been consistently attentive, always focused on me, correcting my form, making sure I exercised to my fullest potential. We worked out two times a week and she has never missed a session or ever been late. When I show up, I know I will have her complete and undivided attention.

I’ve been inspired by Maureen because of what she’s accomplished with physical fitness -she runs marathons, stays in fantastic shape, and lives a healthy but realistic lifestyle that I want to emulate. Since I began working with Maureen, I’ve gained confidence in my physical abilities; have gone from close to a couch potato to standing straighter and taller, gaining an inch in height.

Training comes first, but we have a blast during that time and it is the favorite part of my week. Most importantly, I’ve seen great results from the hard work we’ve done together. I can see significant increases in my strength and definition. I would recommend Maureen to anyone looking for a dedicated knowledgeable trainer who can make getting stronger and healthier a fun and rewarding journey.”

By Mari Ann Stofflet Reis 

“I have had knee problems my entire life, and I met Maureen when those problems reached a critical point.  At the advice of my knee doctor, I needed to strengthen my legs, specifically my quads, to take the stress off my knees.  I have been exercise avoidant my entire life, and Maureen was great and very patient about getting me into a regular training schedule and regimen.  However, the greatest thing was a tip in how to change going up steps.  It was simple but has been a game changer, and it was not something my doctor ever mentioned.  Maureen is a knowledgeable professional who takes great interest in her clients and helping us achieve our goals.”

Leslie King

“I am happy – oh heck, I am thrilled to report that as of today (2 weeks before the wedding) I have met my weight goal.  Actually, I have exceeded it!   The workouts have significantly improved the issue with my aching shoulder, given me greater strength in my back, more energy, improved my posture, and given me a much-improved shape. And they were fun! Hard sometimes, yes. But still fun! The analysis of my eating habits has resulted in better understanding of the impact of the choices about what I eat – – leading to better choices. I love the results, I feel so much better, and I have enjoyed the process that it took to get where I am today.

I am absolutely convinced that I could not have done this alone. I needed the expertise, the pushing, and the encouragement that Maureen provided. I also wanted the safety of working with someone who knows what they are doing!”

Ann lost 20 + pounds and counting!


“I was lucky enough to grab the last spot in one of Maureen’s group fitness classes. Her classes are innovative with a fun and energetic atmosphere. Although we worked together as a group, Maureen gave individualized attention to each of us as needed. I looked forward to each class as I knew I would learn something new. Additionally, I saw positive changes in myself with a higher energy level and a better physique. So, for anyone who would like to work out learning from one of the best, sweat, have fun, and feel better, I cannot recommend Maureen’s training classes enough.”

E. Oxendine

“I have had the pleasure of working with Maureen as a Personal Trainer in both the individual and in the group setting. Maureen is an exceptional personal trainer! She is very knowledgeable about correct technique and will not allow incorrect form.   Maureen is encouraging and will push you, but not in an overbearing or obnoxious way.   I’ve worked with at least 10 different personal trainers, and I would definitely rank Maureen as one of the best trainers I have ever worked with!

Barb E.

“I’m an 78 year old woman who has been exercising for the past 40 years & have tried different personal trainers on & off during that time. Maureen is unique in her training style & her views on maintaining a healthy body. Maureen watches every move, every muscle, never taking her eyes off your body & the correctness of doing the exercise. She is a stickler for proper form. She is yours & yours alone for the length of your session. I’m heartbroken she’s leaving & recommend her without reservation.”


“Maureen is a very hard worker who utilizes her time to the minute. Nothing is wasted. I spent an extensive amount of time being trained by her over many months, and I have reached most of my goals already! Her body and fitness knowledge of others is vast and she is willing to put in the extra time to help her clients to achieve their goals.

I specifically enjoyed her maturity and conscientiousness when dealing with my issues. She seemed to know exactly how to tailor a workout to fit my age, weight, and ability and was able to push me in ways I did not know I was capable of!

I highly recommend Maureen as a personal trainer to a client of any age or ability who wants someone with the highest ability to create a workout plan specifically to their needs, wants, and desires!”

Beth E.

From another trainer-

“Over the past year I have been training with Maureen and I cannot tell you how eye opening it has been! Every session is a learning opportunity for myself as a client and as a fellow trainer- regarding my fitness goals, and my self awareness. It is also an opportunity to pay it forward to my clients as well! I learn by doing – much more than anything else! It helps me to better understand how teach something to a client- I need to be able to know what I am doing, what we are working, how to teach it, and get my client to feel it as well. For me to be at the top of my game and be the best I can be, I take time every week and invest in this. I look at my sessions as continued education every week.

I will say this- this is the most my body has every changed in the past 5 yrs of my fitness journey! That is just another confirmation that she knows her stuff and knows it well.”

Brandy S. Trainer, Massage Therapist

“Character words to describe Maureen- She is a non judgmental perfectionist, loyal, trustworthy, one of a kind, leader of leaders!”


“Her non-judgemental suggestions are always encouraging.
Her wealth of knowledge and options help keep you motivated and make changes.
She doesn’t just preach it she lives it!”

A Williams

“Signing on with Maureen is just that; you are officially adopted. She will worry about you, fret over you, check in on you, hold you accountable, and most definitely celebrate with you! Before you know it, you are holding yourself accountable and not tolerating the unacceptable. Her instruction and guidance empowers sustainable breakthroughs, e.g., she’ll hold your hand while kicking your ass! And she drinks.”

Megan I.

Megan has lost 30 pounds and counting!

Note from Maureen – although I do usually avoid alcohol, I left that piece in there because I think it represents that I live a full, healthy, and balanced life! Maureen

“I started working with Maureen after hitting a plateau for close to six months, losing the same 2 pounds and then gaining them right back. I felt that I was as small and strong as I was ever going to be. However, after working with Maureen for only 1 month, I was able to lose 5 pounds , while also gaining 2 pounds of muscle! This was more than I ever thought I could accomplish in such a short period of time. Working with Maureen has not only helped me to get stronger in the gym, she has also made me aware of how to make better nutrition choices, and how those choices can really affect my performance . Being a runner and training for the Boston Marathon, it is very important to me to stay in the best shape that I can, and she has given me all the tools that I need to succeed. I am very confident after working with Maureen that I will be able to reach any goal that I set for myself. Thank you Maureen!”

By Becca

“As the manager of an orthepedic fitness facility, I highly recommend Maureen Amirault as a professional in the fitness industry.  Maureen is a talented individual, diverse and creative in her personal training techniques.  She quickly establishes a sound client base appealing to all levels and ages.  She is knowledgeable, experienced, and a true professional.  I offer my highest recommendations for Maureen.  Her drive and talent will be an asset for any individual.”

Debra Ronan-Antonelli
MBA, certified ACSM Personal Trainer

I recently moved to RSM and was terrified to replace my prior personal trainer whom I had great results with. A few months ago I got a partially torn ACL playing soccer. I was able to do therapy to get it back to shape but then the opposite knee started hurting probably because I was putting pressure on it for compensation. I thought the best thing would be to avoid using it; however, she told me that I wasn’t activating my glutes when I walked and by doing that, it would relieve the pressure on my knees. I was skeptical, but it worked!!

Her specialty is training women and she focuses on functional training. We don’t use heavy weights but she focuses on making sure I’m working out the muscles intended for each exercise, and using good form. In addition, Maureen is professional and her facility is clean and well kept.  

Z D Trabuco Canyon

Maureen at Essential Fitness truly cares about each of her clients and focuses on their specific needs. The gym is inviting, well kept, and clean.

I have been fortunate enough to train with Maureen for a little over a month. It had been awhile since I had really focused on myself but she worked with me to ensure that my fitness needs and goals were set.

Her passion for women to put themselves as a priority in life is clear. She is not only an advocate for fitness but an overall healthy lifestyle!


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