"It's the epitome of a judgement free zone!"
– Christina S.

Get Results, Feel Amazing

At Essential Fitness, we specialize in helping women lose weight, improve strength and FEEL BETTER! With our comprehensive approach, you will receive a personalized workout based on your goals, as well as nutrition coaching, health/wellness assessments, and functional movement screens. We believe and developing individual programs that focus on lifestyle change and long term results, not just quick fixes and shortcuts.

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Training in a professional facility

Our studio is a beautiful, clean and very private training facility, which reflects the quality of attention that women will experience at Essential Fitness.  Each client can be confident that they are receiving a training program designed by top professionals in their field with over 40 years of combined experience.


Save $420 on our Year Long Precision Nutrition Coaching Program!  This program gives you a dedicated nutrition coach to meet with every two weeks, as well as a fully individualized online program that will help you develop a “habit based” lifestyle changes that will last FOREVER! This program has helped over 100,000 people reach their weight loss goals with a simple, yet strategic approach to breaking down goals into new skills, and new skills into lifelong habits. There is no other program like it in the world!
In addition, your personal coach will keep you accountable with weekly check ins, as well as being available for specific coaching for special circumstances and populations.

Programs built around you

Our Personal Training programs begin with addressing current aches and pains, and assessing movement patterns that contribute to muscular imbalance and structural misalignment. Each session will incorporate functional exercises and traditional exercises, with a  focus on compound movements that offer the most benefit to the client.

  • TRX Suspension Training
  • Brains and Balance System
  • Ballet Barre exercises
  • Functional Movement Screen
“If you’re like me and have struggled to lose weight and stay fit your entire life, Essential Fitness can help you out!”
– Christina, LA

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