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Welcome to Personal Training at Essential Fitness!

On your initial appointment, we will take a detailed history, answer any questions that you may have, and guide you through a typical workout at Essential Fitness.  Next, we will sit down and discuss our recommendations based on your goals and needs.

Training packages are based on your goals and needs.  It is important, however, to work with a trainer at least once individually before joining a training group to ensure that you know what to expect, and to ensure a smooth addition to the group.  Register for YOUR FREE INITIAL WORKOUT HERE

When deciding between private and small group training, Consider the following and choose the style that suits you best:

  •  You prefer an exclusive session with the trainer’s undivided attention for the entire time.
  •  You have preexisting conditions/injuries that require specific modifications.
  •  You have weight loss goals and want to discuss nutrition at every appointment.
  •  Your time is very limited and you have a narrow schedule window. (Group sessions cannot be rescheduled)
  •  You love the extra “hands on” stretching/ massage to reduce tension and stress.

If these points apply to you, then private sessions make the most sense.

Or does the following describe you best:

  • You enjoy the group dynamics and prefer working out with others. You prefer the social aspect.
  • You don’t have any specific injuries/ preexisting conditions that need specific modifications.
  • You have years of experience lifting weights and a moderate amount of fitness.
  • Your schedule is steady and I can commit to a specific day/time.
  • You are looking for the most budget friendly option.

It the second group most accurately describes you, then you are most suited to Small Group Training.  Keep in mind that we can schedule a combination of both programs!

The  best part is that each package is custom designed with your needs in mind.  At Essential Fitness, we won’t sell you a watered down, large group training that has zero accountability and zero individual design.  Because our small groups are limited to 4 or less you can be assured we will always-

  1. Know you’re here.
  2. Design your session with YOU in mind.
  3. Ensure you are doing things right.

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